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About Crowns of Power

Crowns of Power falls under the MMORPG category, drawing inspiration from the text-based MUD genre of old as well as the traditional role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, The Realm Online, Meridian 59 and EverQuest .

In Crowns of Power, players created a character's appearance and choose a color-based spell school

Players use their avatar to adventure through a fantasy world called Arder. Players progress through the game by slaying mobs and completing quests which yield experience points for levels and loot like armor, weapons, potions, magical spell runes and artifacts.

Crowns of Power allows players to interact with others through role-play, grouping, raiding and the joining of guilds,. There is also the ability to duel players, converse with others in a World chat, trade and place items for sale in a player driven market.

The game world consists of 9 environmental zones and 4 dungeons. There is currently one alpha (PvP) server that can support small numbers of people online at a time. There are also plans for future PvE servers.

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